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Carlson Grade for Pile Driving Machines

Carlson Machine Control PDGrade is an application-centric 3D positioning software for piling applications such as solar, construction and other applications. The software is combined with a state-of-the-art, integrated GNSS all-in-one sensor, a rugged, Windows-based control box, and offers a laser distance option for piling to an elevation, contour or pile depth for a complete pile machine guidance system.



Piling Positioning System



  • 3D Machine Guidance Indicate/Control system for Pile Drivers for Solar farms and other applications
  • Able to handle large Pile Layout file
  • NTRIP and VRS compatible
  • Track machine utilization
  • Provide operators with more information to maintain consistent alignment of piles
  • Work as a standalone system or as part of a fleet environment with multiple machines
  • Create Pile Report out of Grade to a .CSV or .PDF


With the Carlson PDGrade system, piling contractors can benefit from high accuracy navigation, positioning and easy-to-use software that offers features such as navigation to pile, pile location, as-builts, and production reports. The system also increases safety, as it requires fewer people to be near the machines when erecting piles.

Benefits include:

  • Consistently and accurately drive piles within a specified tolerance
  • Track project progression
  • Reduce rehandling of piles
  • Document position and height of all piles
  • Understand your cycle times per operator for training


Carlson’s complete monitoring and data management solution for machine control, Carlson Command, transmits data from machines to the office and from the office to machines in real-time. Command provides absolute oversight for site managers, allowing them to monitor multiple or single machines in a variety of viewing options from any remote location with an internet connection. 

  • Productivity analysis
  • Increased safety, productivity and reporting capability
  • Data management of single or multiple sites
  • Direct machine to machine communication and data sharing with live and historical 3D machine playback
  • In-cab monitoring and training from office
  • Create and customize tasks, delays and down codes

For sites without remote connectivity, data can be stored in the machine for post-analysis