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Carlson BRx6+ GPS Receivers

P/N: BRx6+


The BRx6+ updates the AthenaTM GNSS RTK engine withtriple-frequency tracking on multiple satellite constellations for robust GNSS RTK with Real Time Networks and local base stations. Users will experience fast initialization
to Fixed RTK, as well as stable and repeatable performance
in varied conditions. The BRx6+ also has integrated Atlas
L-Band for Precise Point Positioning with a subscription.
The lightweight BRx6+ receiver may be used as a Base or
Rover on demand.


The BRx6+ has updated to a 4G Penta-Band LTE cellular
modem in addition to an integrated UHF transceiver, Wi-Fi
and Bluetooth for modern wireless capabilities. Carlson’s
Listen-Listen service allows Base/Rover operation via the
cellular modem for better correction transmission ranges.
In addition, SurvCE/SurvPC provides the option to utilize
the cellular modem or Wi-Fi in the hand-held computer via
the SurvCE Data Collector Internet feature.


Carlson’s SurvCE/SurvPC is combined with the BRx6+ on
either the Surveyor 2 field computer or RT3 Windows tablet for a full field solution. SurvCE/SurvPC has full BRx6+ configuration, system status and data logging via Bluetooth. For improved Quality Control and efficiency, SurvCE/Sur-
vPC features an intuitive Live Digital Level with an auto re-
cord option when the BRx6+ is level. With SurvCE/SurvPC, users leverage Carlson’s expert team to expand features for
quality and productivity.