NorthWest NTS02B Reflectorless Total Station

The NorthWest NTS02B Total Station features 2 second accuracy, has a reflectorless range of 300m and up to 2000m with a prism. Includes Bluetooth technology for wireless connections, two batteries, charger, tribrach and carrying case.

Regular $4,900.00 / Sale Price $3,200.00



Nikon NPL-322 + 2 Reflectorless Total Station

This dual display total station has a 400m reflectorless measuring range and Bluetooth technology. Comes with two Li-Ion batteries, charger, tribrach and carrying case. 2 Year Warranty.

Regular Price $8,890 / Sale Price $7,100. Ask about 0% financing!



Duratech 500 Laser Level

The Duratech 500 laser level is a reliable laser for your leveling needs. Comes with laser receiver, rechargeable battery pack, charger and alkaline battery pack. Has an operating diameter of 500m or 1640ft and an accuracy of 2mm at 30m or 3/32″ at 100′. One year warranty on this laser.

Regular Price $995.00 / Sale Price $749.00



Schonstedt GA-52CX Pin Locator

Industry standard pin locator. Has five sensitivity levels. Comes with a 7 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. Trade in your old locator and get a $150 credit towards the purchase of a new locator.

Regular Price $1,395.00 / Sale Price $1,195.00